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We offer flexible solutions to your facility's needs.

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Training Solutions
  • Complete Medication Aide training programs (BHDS & DSS)

  • 4-hour Medication Aide refresher

  • CPR/First Aid Certification

  • Tailored IV Training

  • Custom inservice topics including Teepa Snow’s PAC

For more information about class schedules and registration please call 877-804-8444 (option 3) or send us a message.

Blister Card System
  • 28-day blister cards with color-coded labeling to indicate time pass

  • Disposable packaging system made from high-grade materials

  • Hygienic. Product is used once. No cleaning or label removal

  • Tamper evident. Clearly showing if a medication has been taken

  • Compliance enhancing system for ease of use and administration

  • Choose from single or multi-dose systems.

    Ask about all of our available blister card configurations!

Pharmacy Services
  • Regularly scheduled medication and supply delivery

  • 24/7/365 in-house emergency support

  • Customized stat-box and first dose solutions

  • Automatic cycle-filled medication resupply

  • In-house billing department featuring insurance claim resolution and prior-authorization assistance

  • Prescription processing system using workflow and barcoding technologies to minimize errors

  • Customized Medication Administration Records and Physician Order Sheets

  • Regulatory compliance assistance and consultations

  • Routine medication regimen reviews

  • Personal Customer Service Agent

200+ Software Interfaces

Ask about how our pharmacy software interfaces with your facility’s eMAR, eMR and eHR.

  • 28-day, multi-dose, individually sealed blisters printed with patient name, exact administration time, medication name and strength

  • Blisters may be removed from the full pack and still remain as a sealed pharmacy package

  • Calendar-type cards are color-coded to indicate time pass

  • Tamper evident.

WebConnect®: The latest in facility-to-pharmacy communication

A must-have tool inside any Long Term Care facility. Facilities can access a full complement of medical records, forms, reports and more!

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